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Q: Do I have to wait for my car during service?

A We're happy to take you home, to work, or anywhere locally in our D & K shuttle van.

Q: Do you work on Diesel cars and trucks?

A The technicians at D & K Automotive are experts in Diesel engine repair! In fact, diesel repair is part or our continued training to keep up with the ever changing technology.

Q: I may need a transmission. Can you help?

A You can trust the professionals in our Antioch transmission repair team to provide a complete diagnoses that will tell us if your transmission can be fixed - or if we need to install a Jasper re-manufactured transmission with a 3 year/100,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Q: Do you have a "pre-purchase" inspection?

A Yes. We use our many years of experience to check for your specific car's pattern failures, possible hidden damage from a wreck, and even how much maintenance the previous owner performed.

Q: Are you open Saturdays?

A As part of our commitment to providing the best auto repair in Antioch, CA, we have one highly trained crew, Monday thru Friday. We choose not to add a "second String" or " B " crew for Saturdays.

Q When my check engine light comes on, does reading the code tell you what's wrong?

A It's a start! The code number has a description and identifies which system is at fault. It then takes one of the highly skilled technicians at our Antioch auto repair facility to diagnose the exact fault.