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  • Our Favorite Turkey Day Treats!

    Posted on 01, November, 2018

    Whew, what a year! At D & K Automotive, we are so THANKFUL to have gotten our shop up and running and to serve so many families in the Antioch community. As we wind down the year, it’s a good time to show gratitude to our customers. Here are a few of the recipes we love to cook up for those family gatherings. Bonus points, because of all of these transport in your car easily! 

    Candied Yams are such a scrumptious holiday dish. This recipe is a classic that everyone is bound to enjoy, complete with the totally unhealthy but delicious marshmallow topping!

    Scalloped potatoes  For a new twist on the classic mashed spuds, try this recipe for scalloped potatoes! You can make these in the traditional way as listed, or mix it up by adding extra spices! 

    Pumpkin Pie What family gathering would be complete without pumpkin pie? This recipe from Bon Appetit is one of our favorites and is sure to please!

    Rolls Thanksgiving is a time for carbs--and we love these homemade rolls! Share them with your family with a shmear of cinnamon butter!

    Green Bean Casserole  Last, but certainly not least, here is a modern take on a traditional classic: the green bean casserole! 

    And don’t forget, before making long trips to see your loved ones, come to D & K Automotive to get your car serviced! We are conveniently located at 712 E 18th Street in Antioch, and our hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 5:30pm.

  • Which Cars Are The Worst?

    Posted on 01, October, 2018

    Car maintenance costs can be like the camel who asked to share the tent with his owner. As the story goes, the camel asks first to put his nose instead of the tent. On and on the requests go, until the camel has completely taken over the tent, and his rider is stuck out in the cold! If you aren’t prepared, the costs of maintaining your car can add up quickly--and eventually, you’ll need to decide whether it’s cheaper to keep your “camel,” or get a new one!
    If you are thinking about a new car, one factor to consider is the costs of maintenance.

    A car costs its driver a lot of money beyond the price of purchase. Long after you’ve got that coveted pink slip, your car is going to be needing financial outlay to stay in top running condition. 

    So, which cars are the most expensive to maintain? Unsurprisingly, import cars from Germany, especially luxury brands like BMW or Mercedes-Benz, will set you back the most. Between ordering specialty parts and the cost of labor to maintain these vehicles, there is no wonder that they are the priciest to buy, as well as maintain.

    What about domestic vehicles? Usually, brands like Dodge and Ford are the middle road when it comes to car maintenance expenses--neither the most expensive nor the least. If you are committed to buying American, these are the way to go.

    Who is the winner when it comes to inexpensive car maintenance over the lifetime of a vehicle? It may come as no surprise that the answer is Toyota, as well as other Asian imports. Prius is very cheap to maintain and dead reliable. The Kia Soul and Honda Fit are close seconds. 

    Some factors can influence car maintenance costs, including the length of daily drives, the type of driving, and the type of driver behind the wheel. No matter what, your car simply won’t last as long, and will cost you more to maintain, if you don’t have regular auto repair maintenance with a good auto mechanic. Schedule your appointment with D & K Automotive today!

  • Here’s How To Help Your College Student Navigate Back To School

    Posted on 01, September, 2018

    It’s September, which means that lots of students are heading to school--including your intrepid young college students! Between the joys of acceptance letters, the crushing defeats of the “thanks, but no thanks” letters, buying new sheets, helping your student negotiate roommate situations, crying at odd moments in Target, and all the other joys that sending your kid off to college brings, have you taken a look at their vehicle?

    First things are first: Students often drive older cars that might require more maintenance. Even if they have something that you deem trustworthy, do bring your car to a trusted auto mechanic to make sure that all the major systems are in good working order: transmission, suspension, and fresh tires, if necessary. Also, make sure the fluids are topped up: brakes, coolant, transmission, and oil.

    What about insurance? Don’t assume that your student will be ok with minimal, or no insurance: they need to be fully covered! Check with your current insurance company for rates for college students. Keep in mind that younger drivers tend to cost more, so be sure to factor that into your monthly budget. 

    Let’s face it: if your student is off to college, they may have chances to drink at parties. No problem--just make sure your student knows never, ever to drink and drive. Make sure that your student feels empowered to find safe alternatives, like using Uber or Lyft, or choosing a designated driver. 

    Safety is first! Bring your student’s car to us at D & K Automotive, and we will see to it that your student’s car is in top working condition! Whether it’s a simple oil change, a transmission flush, or anything else, we can help. Schedule your appointment today, and check off one item from that going to college list--leaving you free to soak up and enjoy.  

  • How To Protect Your Car From Overheating-

    Posted on 01, August, 2018

    August is hotter than hot here in Antioch. While we can stay cool indoors by running AC, our cars aren’t so lucky. Starting a car in 100-degree weather can cause problems, so let’s look at some ways to prevent the dreaded overheating!

    Top off engine coolant. First and foremost, make sure your coolant is topped off. This is a simple step that can save you a lot of heartaches! We recommend keeping a gallon each of water and coolant in the trunk of your car, just in case. 

    Consider tinted windows. One way to keep the car’s interior cooler is to tint your windows. This can reduce the need for AC, which is notorious for causing overheating on sweltering days when it is difficult for the engine to keep up. On that note…
    Turn off the AC and use the fresh air setting. Try to alternate AC with the new air setting. This will not get the car quite as cold as otherwise, but it will give your engine a chance to recuperate and can help you avoid overheating as well. 

    Flush the cooling system. Bring your car to D & K and let us flush the cooling system for you. Even if your coolant levels are topped off, cleaning the system is a perfect way to improve the overall performance of your vehicle. 

    Come and see us at D & K Automotive to learn about other ways to protect your car from overheating! As always, stay safe...and chill out!

  • What Is The Future Of Automotive Technology?

    Posted on 01, July, 2018

    The automotive industry has been on a wild ride since Henry Ford first rolled out his horseless carriages. Here, we discuss a few of the changes that have occurred in the last decade.


    Alternative Fuels

    First, standard gasoline is no longer the only game in town. There are alternative fuel options to fossil fuels, and there is demand for them to become more widely available, though not all alternative fuels are created equal, and each comes with their own set of issues. Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that is made from wheat or corn. With both corn and wheat being subsidized by the government, this is a really viable option. Another very popular fuel option is electricity, such as in the Chevy Volt. Methanol, a wood-based alcohol fuel, is one example of an alternative fuel that was around for awhile before automobile manufacturers stopped making cars that used it. Last is biodiesel; made from vegetable fats. Some forms of biodiesel are even made from recycled restaurant oils, making this a super efficient, if not high-quantity, alternative fuel.


    Hands off: Manual Transmissions fading out

    Another interesting change is the fact that manual transmission vehicles are ostensibly on their way out. Less than 3% of the cars sold in 2016 were manual transmissions, making this type of vehicle the purvey of an older generation. In general, automatics get better mileage than they used to. In addition, people rely heavily on public transportation. The younger generation, who increasingly are opting away from vehicles altogether, are also favoring automatic transmissions.


    Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars are becoming more popular, though far from mainstream. While once the driverless car seemed as distant a goal as the flying car, it might happen easily in the next ten years or so. Driverless cars are already on the road nationwide. Here is a video of one navigating heavy pedestrian traffic in Vegas. There are still problems, but they’re getting safer all the time as the engineering improves.


    The Internet of Things

    Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of actual physical devices, like your toaster, heater, hairdryer, and home alarm system. In this new web of connections, everything can talk to everything else. According to Wikipedia, IoT is “creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits and reduced human intervention.”


    Cars as computers

    Elon Tesla once famously said: “Tesla is a software company as much as it is a hardware company...We view this as updating your phone or laptop.” In the Silicon Valley, Musk and his team of ingenious creatives at Tesla work tirelessly to create bleeding age automotive vehicles that are “sophisticated computers on wheels.”


    As always, D & K Automotive stays on top of industry trends and makes sure our technicians have up-to-the-minute training on all the latest developments and new ways of doing auto repair. Swing by our shop today to get your vehicle repaired and maintained!  

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