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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Here’s How To Help Your College Student Navigate Back To School

It’s September, which means that lots of students are heading to school--including your intrepid young college students! Between the joys of acceptance letters, the crushing defeats of the “thanks, but no thanks” letters, buying new sheets, helping your student negotiate roommate situations, crying at odd moments in Target, and all the other joys that sending your kid off to college brings, have you taken a look at their vehicle? First things are first: Students often drive older cars that might require more maintenance. Even if they have something that you deem trustworthy, do bring your car to a trusted auto mechanic to make sure that all the major systems are in good working order: transmission, suspension, and fresh tires, if necessary. Also, make sure the fluids are topped up: brakes, coolant, transmission, and oil. What about insurance? Don’t assume that your student will be ok with minimal, or no insurance: they need to be fully covered! Check with your ... read more


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