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What Is The Future Of Automotive Technology?

The automotive industry has been on a wild ride since Henry Ford first rolled out his horseless carriages. Here, we discuss a few of the changes that have occurred in the last decade.   Alternative Fuels First, standard gasoline is no longer the only game in town. There are alternative fuel options to fossil fuels, and there is demand for them to become more widely available, though not all alternative fuels are created equal, and each comes with their own set of issues. Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that is made from wheat or corn. With both corn and wheat being subsidized by the government, this is a really viable option. Another very popular fuel option is electricity, such as in the Chevy Volt. Methanol, a wood-based alcohol fuel, is one example of an alternative fuel that was around for awhile before automobile manufacturers stopped making cars that used it. Last is biodiesel; made from vegetable fats. Some forms of biodiesel are even made from recycled restaurant oils ... read more


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