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D&K Automotive Repair Update for Mid-August, 2017

Hello D&K Customers, Friends and Family,


Today was the day we have been looking forward to for close to a week. Today we were able to sit down with the building owner, his general contractor, Glenn Hoffman (our insurance broker) and our general contractor. 


It seems like the smoke is finally starting to clear and light is starting to peek through! It is now just a matter of picking the right contractor for the job. So we are hopeful that the actual work will start this coming Monday 8/21/17. That's great because we want to catch the solar eclipse...! Haha just kidding. We just want to get back to helping our customers as quickly as possible. 


So in short, not many changes for you guys. We will still be able to be reached by phone for any advice needed (just consider us your vehicles personal assistant). But we won't be here every day like we have been starting this Monday. 


I'm looking forward to giving you guys great news next week as to where we are at in this process. 


Thank you all for the continued support. You all are the reason we are fighting to get back to what we do best..... HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS! 


Please continue to follow us and share our updates. Stay tuned!


Thank you, 


R.J. Milnes

General Manager

D&K Auto Repair


Fax 925-778-8374


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