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Spring into Spring--Check Your Car’s Suspension

There are thousands of different components in your vehicle, from your transmission to your air filters, and our team at D&K Automotive is intimately familiar with every one of them. Because spring is officially here, we thought we would discuss our vehicle’s springs, which are part of our car’s suspension system. 

Your suspension system is made up of several parts, including the chassis, shocks and struts, and anti-sway bar shifts. Your chassis holds up the cab of the car, and the springs, shocks, and struts support the weight and absorb any shock caused by a bumpy road. The anti-sway bar transfers the movement of your vehicle to stabilize the car. 

Here are five benefits of a properly working suspension system: 

  1. Consistent handling and braking. 
  2. Help keep your tires stay on the road. 
  3. Wheel alignment. 
  4. Control your car’s bounce, roll, and sway. 
  5. Reduce wear and damage to other components of your engine. 

Let’s spring into spring with a properly working suspension system! Our team at D&K Automotive is here to ensure you will experience a safe and smooth ride. Schedule an appointment today. D&K Automotive Repair is located at 712 E 18th Street in Antioch, California. 



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