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Top Father’s Day Gifts

In the spirit of Father’s Day, some of us at D&K Automotive recalled some of our favorite gifts we’ve received, given, or would like to have received on Father’s Day to put together a brief list of some awesome options for Father’s Day gifts.


  1. “What I Love About Dad” Book

This is a great gift option for little kids in first or second grade and just learning how to write. With Mom or another family member’s help, the kids can fill it out together and give a heartfelt gift to their father that time stamps what the kids love about their Dad.


  1. Dad’s Playbook”

If this so happens to be their first ever Father’s Day, this motivational book might be a nice gesture.


  1. A Massage Chair!


This massage chair can go in car’s, but there are ones out there function inside, in office chairs or recliners. Chances are that Dad will enjoy this, even if just on the way to and from work.


  1. 9-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool


For the Dad’s at D&K Automotive, this is a favorite it of ours. This little guy has a red and a white flashlight, tire gauge, glass cutter, seat belt cutter, scissors, pliers, and both a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver. Plus, you can get their initials on it!


  1. “Emergency Dad Joke Mug”

As if they would ever run out in the first place… But hey, it’s a great gag gift and Dad gets a new mug out of it! :-)


  1. “Dad” Gift Subscription at Bespoke Post

This is a unique idea for Father’s Day but could be very fitting depending on your parent. With this, you can select a gift box or several to pay ahead for that your Dad will receive in the mail. Check out the different options, as it’s a quick way to put an awesome gift box together.


  1. Dollar Shave Club

This is another subscription gift, this time not a gift box but just as functional. If this is something your father already uses or you think they might like, covering a month or two’s subscription for them is a great way to say thanks.


  1. Whiskey Barware Set

For a particularly fancy Father’s Day gift, consider something glassware like this whiskey set. Delivered with a bottle of Dad’s favorite drink, and you can sit back and have a drink together this Father’s Day.


  1. A Hammock

No, really! We’d love to have a hammock like this in our yard. This could make for a fun, creative Father’s Day gift this year.


  1. iTunes Gift Card

Simple, yet appreciated. For the Dads who taught you the best taste in music, and iTunes Gift card is a great gesture. Consider making a playlist or mixtape to go along with it!


  1. Breakfast Griddle

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day! If it happens to also be your father’s favorite meal, then this is the perfect gift!


So, there you have it! Several of our favorite suggestions for Father’s Day gifts. Before you go, we have one other recommendation on treating Dad this week. See if you can sneak the car over to us at D&K Automotive for a checkup, and surprise Dad later with a note that he has one less chore to do for the car. Just as gifts are appreciated, so are helpful acts. Help your parent out this year by letting us take care of the car. Call us today to book an appointment. See you soon!



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