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Top Five Reasons To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Weather

Here in sunny Antioch, we don’t think much about winter weather. But did you know it’s still important to winterize your vehicle? There are a lot of benefits to bringing your vehicle in to prepare it for the winter months. Here are a few of ours:

Your tires need regular maintenance and inspection, and during the winter rainy months, it may make sense to switch to a different kind of tire. Your auto mechanic at D & K Automotive can help you make the decision that’s best for you.

Wiper blades
Wiper blades keep your car’s windows clear, but they wear down over time. Ask your D & K auto mechanic to swap them out so that you can be sure to see clearly!


Headlights and tail lights 
Headlights and tail lights need to be replaced every 3-4 years, but they begin fading long before they actually burn out. On these dark winter nights, you want to be sure you can see well! Check with your auto mechanic to clean and test your headlights and tail lights for fading.

Spark Plugs
A cold snap can cause issues for your spark plugs, putting a serious damper on your car’s performance and ability to, you know, start when you need it to! Make sure your spark plugs are ready for winter!

Hoses and Belts
Your car’s hoses and belts can deteriorate over time and cold weather can exacerbate cracks, frays, and even cause breakage. Prepare your hoses and belts for winter by having your auto mechanic inspect them for signs of wear and tear.

It’s been a great year for us at D & K Automotive and we are so glad to have you be a part of this! From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays…and Happy New Year!


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