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Which Cars Are The Worst?

Car maintenance costs can be like the camel who asked to share the tent with his owner. As the story goes, the camel asks first to put his nose instead of the tent. On and on the requests go, until the camel has completely taken over the tent, and his rider is stuck out in the cold! If you aren’t prepared, the costs of maintaining your car can add up quickly--and eventually, you’ll need to decide whether it’s cheaper to keep your “camel,” or get a new one!
If you are thinking about a new car, one factor to consider is the costs of maintenance.

A car costs its driver a lot of money beyond the price of purchase. Long after you’ve got that coveted pink slip, your car is going to be needing financial outlay to stay in top running condition. 

So, which cars are the most expensive to maintain? Unsurprisingly, import cars from Germany, especially luxury brands like BMW or Mercedes-Benz, will set you back the most. Between ordering specialty parts and the cost of labor to maintain these vehicles, there is no wonder that they are the priciest to buy, as well as maintain.

What about domestic vehicles? Usually, brands like Dodge and Ford are the middle road when it comes to car maintenance expenses--neither the most expensive nor the least. If you are committed to buying American, these are the way to go.

Who is the winner when it comes to inexpensive car maintenance over the lifetime of a vehicle? It may come as no surprise that the answer is Toyota, as well as other Asian imports. Prius is very cheap to maintain and dead reliable. The Kia Soul and Honda Fit are close seconds. 

Some factors can influence car maintenance costs, including the length of daily drives, the type of driving, and the type of driver behind the wheel. No matter what, your car simply won’t last as long, and will cost you more to maintain, if you don’t have regular auto repair maintenance with a good auto mechanic. Schedule your appointment with D & K Automotive today!


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