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    Posted on 12, July, 2017

    To our Friends and Clients,

    It has been almost 2 weeks since an after-hours fire devastated our business, and although we are making progress towards reopening, it is slow going.  The fire was primarily contained in one vehicle, the vehicle that started this all, but the smoke and heat damage to the building was extensive and that is where most the time is involved. Between inspections by the Fire Department, PG&E, Electrical contractor and such, this appears to be an approx. 90 day process and that puts us reopening around the end of October.

    At this point it looks like all of our employees are staying on with us, their loyalty & dedication is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.  And from what we are being told, the building will be better than ever after the contractors are done with it, so that is good news at almost every level from this tragedy.  Our sincere hope is that you can hold out with us throughout this process as we look forward to once again being your facility for giving you the most reliable, dependable transportation and the Best Darn Customer Service Experience possible while having your vehicle serviced or repaired!

    Thank You,

    Doug Henry, Family and Staff @
    D&K Automotive!

  • The Many Benefits of Customer Loyalty at D&K Automotive Repair

    Posted on 01, July, 2017

    We have a customer story we want to share with the world. One of our most loyal customers, Isaac Moses, always brings his vehicles to D&K Automotive Repair. Recently, he brought in two of his vehicles for major repair, which, we admit, had a hefty price tag.


    When Isaac started coming to our shop, we issued him a Customer Loyalty Card, like we do for all of our customers. This Customer Loyalty Card gives each customer 2% back on all services to be used on future services at D&K Automotive Repair.


    Now that you understand some background, here’s the review Isaac gave us:



    When we received this review, we paid attention. First, we love Isaac and value his feedback. Though it never hurts to ask, it is not possible for us to reduce our hourly rate for volume discounts. But it made us think about listening to our customers and doing what we can to meet their requests.


    As a result, we reminded that Isaac that he was racking up 2% back with each service he purchased from us. This news made Isaac very happy, indeed, for he can take that reward and apply it to his next service. But we didn’t stop there! As a thank you for Isaac’s positive review, heartfelt feedback, and longtime customer loyalty, we gave him a small gift. Isaac now has two tickets to the movies, courtesy of D&K Automotive, thanking him for all he does for our team.


    At D&K Automotive Repair, we strive to be the very best auto repair facility in Antioch, California. Our family-owned and team-operated business truly cares about each and every customer that walks through our door. Though we cannot meet every single request made by a customer, we do what we can to provide a positive customer service experience, and we really listen to customer feedback.


    If your vehicle needs maintenance service or repair, we invite you to D&K Automotive Repair in Antioch, CA. Located at 712 E. 18th Street, you’ll find our auto repair shop to be friendly, fair, and dedicated to doing right by our customers. Plus, we will issue you a Customer Loyalty Card so you can start earning 2% back with each purchase. Schedule an appointment online with D&K Automotive Repair or call 925-391-2656.

  • Top Father’s Day Gifts

    Posted on 01, June, 2017

    In the spirit of Father’s Day, some of us at D&K Automotive recalled some of our favorite gifts we’ve received, given, or would like to have received on Father’s Day to put together a brief list of some awesome options for Father’s Day gifts.


    1. “What I Love About Dad” Book

    This is a great gift option for little kids in first or second grade and just learning how to write. With Mom or another family member’s help, the kids can fill it out together and give a heartfelt gift to their father that time stamps what the kids love about their Dad.


    1. Dad’s Playbook”

    If this so happens to be their first ever Father’s Day, this motivational book might be a nice gesture.


    1. A Massage Chair!


    This massage chair can go in car’s, but there are ones out there function inside, in office chairs or recliners. Chances are that Dad will enjoy this, even if just on the way to and from work.


    1. 9-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool


    For the Dad’s at D&K Automotive, this is a favorite it of ours. This little guy has a red and a white flashlight, tire gauge, glass cutter, seat belt cutter, scissors, pliers, and both a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver. Plus, you can get their initials on it!


    1. “Emergency Dad Joke Mug”

    As if they would ever run out in the first place… But hey, it’s a great gag gift and Dad gets a new mug out of it! :-)


    1. “Dad” Gift Subscription at Bespoke Post

    This is a unique idea for Father’s Day but could be very fitting depending on your parent. With this, you can select a gift box or several to pay ahead for that your Dad will receive in the mail. Check out the different options, as it’s a quick way to put an awesome gift box together.


    1. Dollar Shave Club

    This is another subscription gift, this time not a gift box but just as functional. If this is something your father already uses or you think they might like, covering a month or two’s subscription for them is a great way to say thanks.


    1. Whiskey Barware Set

    For a particularly fancy Father’s Day gift, consider something glassware like this whiskey set. Delivered with a bottle of Dad’s favorite drink, and you can sit back and have a drink together this Father’s Day.


    1. A Hammock

    No, really! We’d love to have a hammock like this in our yard. This could make for a fun, creative Father’s Day gift this year.


    1. iTunes Gift Card

    Simple, yet appreciated. For the Dads who taught you the best taste in music, and iTunes Gift card is a great gesture. Consider making a playlist or mixtape to go along with it!


    1. Breakfast Griddle

    Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day! If it happens to also be your father’s favorite meal, then this is the perfect gift!


    So, there you have it! Several of our favorite suggestions for Father’s Day gifts. Before you go, we have one other recommendation on treating Dad this week. See if you can sneak the car over to us at D&K Automotive for a checkup, and surprise Dad later with a note that he has one less chore to do for the car. Just as gifts are appreciated, so are helpful acts. Help your parent out this year by letting us take care of the car. Call us today to book an appointment. See you soon!

  • Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car

    Posted on 01, May, 2017

    Wedding season is upon us! If you’re a guest or attendant to a wedding this season, we have some creative ideas for how to decorate the newlywed’s getaway car. After all, the new couple already has a lot on their plate when it comes to planning the big day- take the opportunity to plan one small piece that is fun and memorable for everyone involved. Here’s our top favorite, D&K Automotive technician approved to decorate a wedding exit car.


    Classic Cans

    Probably the most iconic choice in wedding car decoration is to attach cans to the back of the car. You can add to this happy tradition by decorating the cans yourself, picking out ribbon in the couples wedding color, or getting empty cans from foods the couple likes (perhaps the groom is a chili guy???) to add that extra personal touch.



    As long as the balloons have enough string to fly well behind the car, they won’t block too much visibility. Consider getting balloons that have their names, the wedding date, or any wedding-related captions on them! Or, try to get them in the couple’s chosen wedding colors! This happy-looking option will make the couple, attendants, and guests alike smile.

    Streamers or Ribbon

    Streamers are a lighter, less expensive option than ribbon but both will do the trick. Tie a bow or a bundle of streamers on the trunk handle, door handles, or go big with a huge bow or bundle on the trunk or hood. The newlyweds will appreciate the festive touch!


    Paper Signs

    Ah, a simple ‘Just Married’ or the couple’s new shared last name are perfect for signs on the getaway car. As long as the sign’s don’t cover the windows or license plate in any way, you’re golden!



    Tulle is cheap and lovely for a getaway car. If you tie it across the hood or trunk for a gift-wrapped look, make sure you secure it underneath the hood and keep it out of the way of the engine so it doesn’t overheat the fabric. Avoid wrapping the tulle in bows over windows or in any way that would reduce visibility.


    So there you have it, a handful of fun ideas to decorate a newly married couples’ car on their start to their new life together. You can keep your friends or family members driving safe for the rest of their happily ever after by sending them our way to D&K Automotive for any auto maintenance or service they need. Have them give us a call or schedule an appointment.

  • Spring Cleaning for Your Engine!

    Posted on 01, April, 2017

    We understand. Your car’s grimy, greasy engine is probably not your favorite thing to clean. Trust us, we know very well just how dirty a car can get! But Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning -- even in those automotive spaces that you might usually brush off.


    In our opinion, there are very few places that are more important to your safety than the engine of your car. A dirty engine can mean an unsafe engine. So, here’s a few suggestions from your friends at D&K Automotive for keeping your engine clean!


    • Get an oil change. We simply can’t say enough about the importance of regular oil changes. Whether you do it yourself or bring your car in so we can take care of you, it’s vital to increase the longevity of your engine and car.

    • Check the oil. It’s a quick and easy one to check off your list, but important nonetheless. Grab some motor oil at your local gas station that matches the type inscribed on your engine cap, check the dipstick, and continue your drive.

    • Good old fashioned scrub. This is the time of year to take out all the leaves and twigs that have accumulated under the hood, and wipe down all the muck you can safely reach. Remember to let the engine cool first!

    • Finally, bring her in for a full check-up. At D&K Automotive, we’d be happy to take a look and make sure you’re driving safe for the rest of the year.


    If you’d like to know more about automotive ownership and maintenance, you’re in luck because it’s our favorite subject! Give us a call or schedule an appointment. We’ll see you soon, in the meantime, drive safe!