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  • D&K Automotive Repair Update for Mid-August, 2017

    Posted on 15, August, 2017

    Hello D&K Customers, Friends and Family,


    Today was the day we have been looking forward to for close to a week. Today we were able to sit down with the building owner, his general contractor, Glenn Hoffman (our insurance broker) and our general contractor. 


    It seems like the smoke is finally starting to clear and light is starting to peek through! It is now just a matter of picking the right contractor for the job. So we are hopeful that the actual work will start this coming Monday 8/21/17. That's great because we want to catch the solar eclipse...! Haha just kidding. We just want to get back to helping our customers as quickly as possible. 


    So in short, not many changes for you guys. We will still be able to be reached by phone for any advice needed (just consider us your vehicles personal assistant). But we won't be here every day like we have been starting this Monday. 


    I'm looking forward to giving you guys great news next week as to where we are at in this process. 


    Thank you all for the continued support. You all are the reason we are fighting to get back to what we do best..... HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS! 


    Please continue to follow us and share our updates. Stay tuned!


    Thank you, 


    R.J. Milnes

    General Manager

    D&K Auto Repair


    Fax 925-778-8374

  • Our Progress After The Fire

    Posted on 02, August, 2017

    Hello, everyone!


    As you may have heard, D&K Automotive Repair in Antioch, California suffered a fire late Friday, June 30th, while most of us were off for the July 4th holiday weekend. The fire was caused by a vehicle that was experiencing electrical problems, and it self-ignited after business hours. Fortunately, the fire damage did not completely devastate our shop. Still, there is considerable cleanup and new construction that needs to take place before we are back up and running.


    We had considered finding a temporary location to serve our clients’ vehicles, but we later decided against it because we felt we would not be able to perform at our normal 110% effort. Therefore, we have decided to wait until our shop is fully restored before reopening. With that said, we are taking calls, offering advice, handling simple repairs, and are able to direct you to a trusted mechanic if we cannot service it ourselves.


    We are so thankful to all of you who have reached out to us throughout the month of July with the amazingly kind words and concern for us here at D&K Automotive. We are so blessed to have such dear and loyal customers who patiently wait for us to reopen our doors. We have begun the rebuilding process, and we plan to be up and running better than ever within a couple of months.


  • Our Progress After The Fire, Part 2

    Posted on 02, August, 2017

    Monday, July 31, 2017

    Happy Monday Everyone,


    We are making good progress getting the shop back up, but it is going to a while still.  We have been working constantly with our amazing contractors and construction crews on getting the repairs to the shop performed.  We also have been planning many ideas to make your future visits to us here at D&K Automotive even better than before.  Areas like redesigning the shop layout as well as adding some additional service bays/racks to be able to get any repairs or maintenance services completed more efficiently on your vehicles.  I would also like to ask if any of you have ideas or suggestions please reach out to us as your input is very important to us here at D&K Automotive.  Thank you all so much again for the kind words we have been receiving and I can’t wait to talk to you all again.




    Paul Psik

    Service Advisor

    D&K Automotive

  • D&K Automotive

    Posted on 12, July, 2017

    To our Friends and Clients,

    It has been almost 2 weeks since an after-hours fire devastated our business, and although we are making progress towards reopening, it is slow going.  The fire was primarily contained in one vehicle, the vehicle that started this all, but the smoke and heat damage to the building was extensive and that is where most the time is involved. Between inspections by the Fire Department, PG&E, Electrical contractor and such, this appears to be an approx. 90 day process and that puts us reopening around the end of October.

    At this point it looks like all of our employees are staying on with us, their loyalty & dedication is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.  And from what we are being told, the building will be better than ever after the contractors are done with it, so that is good news at almost every level from this tragedy.  Our sincere hope is that you can hold out with us throughout this process as we look forward to once again being your facility for giving you the most reliable, dependable transportation and the Best Darn Customer Service Experience possible while having your vehicle serviced or repaired!

    Thank You,

    Doug Henry, Family and Staff @
    D&K Automotive!

  • The Many Benefits of Customer Loyalty at D&K Automotive Repair

    Posted on 01, July, 2017

    We have a customer story we want to share with the world. One of our most loyal customers, Isaac Moses, always brings his vehicles to D&K Automotive Repair. Recently, he brought in two of his vehicles for major repair, which, we admit, had a hefty price tag.


    When Isaac started coming to our shop, we issued him a Customer Loyalty Card, like we do for all of our customers. This Customer Loyalty Card gives each customer 2% back on all services to be used on future services at D&K Automotive Repair.


    Now that you understand some background, here’s the review Isaac gave us:



    When we received this review, we paid attention. First, we love Isaac and value his feedback. Though it never hurts to ask, it is not possible for us to reduce our hourly rate for volume discounts. But it made us think about listening to our customers and doing what we can to meet their requests.


    As a result, we reminded that Isaac that he was racking up 2% back with each service he purchased from us. This news made Isaac very happy, indeed, for he can take that reward and apply it to his next service. But we didn’t stop there! As a thank you for Isaac’s positive review, heartfelt feedback, and longtime customer loyalty, we gave him a small gift. Isaac now has two tickets to the movies, courtesy of D&K Automotive, thanking him for all he does for our team.


    At D&K Automotive Repair, we strive to be the very best auto repair facility in Antioch, California. Our family-owned and team-operated business truly cares about each and every customer that walks through our door. Though we cannot meet every single request made by a customer, we do what we can to provide a positive customer service experience, and we really listen to customer feedback.


    If your vehicle needs maintenance service or repair, we invite you to D&K Automotive Repair in Antioch, CA. Located at 712 E. 18th Street, you’ll find our auto repair shop to be friendly, fair, and dedicated to doing right by our customers. Plus, we will issue you a Customer Loyalty Card so you can start earning 2% back with each purchase. Schedule an appointment online with D&K Automotive Repair or call 925-391-2656.